Wood Body B♭ Clarinet  

The ORION 7220 model moved on from the traditional plastic body clarinets found in many entry level clarinets. Our new wood composite with enforced materials ensures a long lasting clarinet body while offering great tonal qualities. Along with the strengthened silver-plated keys and high quality pads, the 7220 model is a value intermediate level clarinet especially at its price point.

Compound wooden body
Silver-plated keys
Durable skin pads
Supported key links
ABS hard case
Cleaning accessories

The ORION OCL7220S Clarinet projects a full bodied, mellow tonal quality rich with vibrant overtones. The body made of compound wood is an upgrade from the standard ABS material used on many student clarinets. The silver-plated keys on the OCL7220S enhances the aesthetics and durability of the instrument.

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  • Key of B♭

  • Compound wooden body

  • Silver-plated keys

  • Blue steel springs

  • Metal-capped tenons

  • Includes: ABS hard case and cleaning accessories

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