Silver-Plated Flute  

The entry level ORION flute presents a silver-plated body and keys with enforced double skin pads for lasting parts. This model is developed for beginning to advancing flautists looking at a durable instrument, with higher quality parts usually only found in the middle price range flutes.

Silver-plated keys
Double skin pads
Advanced headjoint fit
Cleaning accessories
Hard case with chrome latches

The ORION OFL6420S Silver Plated C Flute is the student model flute, featuring a nickel silver body and silver plated keys. The redesigned 2020 ORION flutes now have a new headjoint fit mechanism on all parts of the headjoint for an improved control for beginner flautists. Overall, this entry-level flute provides solid sounding tones and control for the beginner flautist and advancing players at a budget price.

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  • Silver-plated nickel silver body and head joint

  • Silver-plated nickel silver keys

  • Offset G key

  • Hidden Adjustment Screws

  • Ribbed Construction

  • Come with an ABS hard case

  • 5 year manufacturing warranty

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