A solid-top guitar dedicated for advancing musicians looking at a solo-performing capable instrument while expanding their prowess.

Quality Strings

A great guitar deserves a set of Savarez Corum strings for better tonal qualities

Accurate intonation

Improve the playing quality with accuracy on the fretted notes to produce a more "in-tune" note for every fret on each string. Especially crucial for classical guitar playing where the higher frets are played on more frequently 

Solid Select Cedar top

A quality solid cedar top selected specifically for the OCG80 to provide an enhanced tone and a harmonious balanced overtones

Comfort neck feel

A compensated neck with the appropriate curvature to fit the guitarists' grasp, and thinner neck which improves the playability and grip, allowing quick and precise movements along the fretboard

Smooth gloss finish

Medium-gloss look to enhance the aesthetic appearance

Rosewood back and sides

Solid back with an improved vibration quality, improving the overall tone

Smooth tuning pegs
Gold machine-heads

Have no issues with twisting the tuners and be on your way to playing

complimenting the headstock appearance of the guitar


Our instruments are looked after by a lifetime of free unlimited servicing to maintain the quality of the instruments.

The OCG80 represents the higher-tier guitar in the S-Series range, specifically made for musicians looking at a  keep-for-life solid top guitar. At an affordable price, this handcraft features a select solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides for a full, rounded expressive sweet tones. The OCG80 proves to be a solo performing capable guitar without needing to break the bank, the perfect guitar for intermediate level high-school students.

The ORION guitars' necks always feature a smooth and comfortable neck which improves comfort in playing. The thinner neck provides an easier grip and control, allowing quick shifts in the playing. All OCG80 models are hand-made by luthiers with over 30 years of experience in their craft, and their attention creates an accurate intonation through all frets that does not sacrifice tone or its sweet volume.

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  • Top: Solid Select Cedar

  • Back: Rosewood

  • Sides: Rosewood

  • Neck: Okoume

  • Fingerboard: Rosewood

  • Bridge: Rosewood

  • Rosette: Inlaid wood mosaic

  • Strings: Savarez Corum / Augustine

  • Scale length: 650mm

  • Finishing: High Gloss

  • Truss rod adjustment

  • Nut width: Bone (52mm)

  • Bag: Heavy Padded Bag with Carry Strap & Front Pocket


Available in the full 4/4 size

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School Notebook


from $399

Get either the OCG50C or OCG65C in a pack with all the accessories you need to get started on the classical guitar.

Available during the back-to-school period January to March

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