The quest to create a completely new musical branding is a path that not many will consider. A line-up of musical instruments that caters for the beginner learners to the professional musician, the ORION musical instruments are designed to consistently accompany the journey of a musician from the very beginning.



Created by a family of musicians in WA, thoughts are especially directed towards families Australia-wide, to make the beginning of a musical journey comfortable and manageable. After a couple of years running a local music store, the family realised that the market lacks an entry-level musical instrument that is of good quality and durability. It was almost impossible to source a musical instrument that is affordable without having the tonal quality compromised due to material and technician cost saving. 



ORION's first instrument, and the current best student violin in WA

Includes bow and lightweight case

Eligible for trade-up program & lifetime of free unlimited service/repairs

With that in mind, the family worked closely with some of WA's best luthiers for Strings and other experienced technicians who have been constantly active in the past 30 years. The first ORION musical instruments are then brought into Australia and individually set-up to meet the standards of the brand.

The name 'ORION' is inspired by one of the most distinctive and important constellations in the sky, the Orion. The name also represents the great hunter, from Greek mythology. The strength and prominence of the name ORION are parallel to the visions the team have: to provide affordable yet reliable quality entry-level musical instruments to support families in Western Australia with the beginning musician's pathway and the complete line-up of musical instruments to suit musicians of any levels as they progress into great maestros.

Betelgeuse (B)

Bellatrix (BE)

Saiph (S)

Rigel (R)

ORION's Belt

Credit: Frank Cone