Crescendo Music is an Australia-based music store located in Myaree, Western Australia. Established in 1976, the music store is has always been run by families and currently coordinated by the third generation of owner. 

Crescendo has always been the go-to store for sheet music and musical giftware and accessories. 

Crescendo Music 1976


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"Having a business run by a family means we take really good care of the brand image. Every now and then, we put in the extra hours of work until the late hours at night to prepare the store for the next day. We have tight quality control of all our products, we work on Sundays to respond to our customers' enquiries, and most importantly, we keep our store clean."

- Yk, current owner of Crescendo Music

Crescendo Music 2010

Crescendo Music supplies to more than 80 schools around Australia, most of which are in Western Australia and they are local teachers' go-to music store. They carry the largest number of sheet music in store in WA and hold a massive range of musical instruments, including the Western Classical musical instruments to musical instruments from around the world.

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