ORION OVA80 Viola Outfit

Mocha Chestnut

For any beginner musician looking at starting on a quality and affordable viola, the OVA80 offers a clear and bold tone as well as proper playability. The OVA80 represents our step-up model from the entry-level with upgraded quality in materials and build. All instruments are carefully examined and set-up by professional luthiers before they are delivered.

Solid Tonewood in Gloss Finish 
Quality Strings

a viola isn't complete without a set of quality strings to compliment the instrument.

Carved and Fitted Bridge

a bridge must be custom made to a certain height, thickness, and shape to accomodate every individual viola. A properly done bridge would also make string-crossing for beginner violist much easier.

Precision Soundpost Set-up

the soundpost provide structural support and also allows vibration to be passed between the top and back plates. 

Hand-carved Pegs
Adjusted Nut Height & Curvature

shaped to fit each individual violin for ease of tuning and to prevent pegs slipping

many beginners may quit as a result of discomfort or pain while pressing on the string. This is why a properly done nut makes a big difference


Our instruments are looked after by a lifetime of free unlimited servicing to maintain the quality of the instruments.

Every OVA80 violas are individually assembled, set up, and inspected by our experienced luthiers before the instrument is sent away.​ This way, we ensure all of our violist get a proper experience playing on their viola instrument.


ORION's professional String Instrument Setup includes:



shaping and fitting pegs

shaping the fingerboard and nut to professional curvature

fitting and adjusting the soundpost

carving and fitting the bridge to the instrument

upgrading strings to quality steel strings 

tailpiece adjustment

Need help with the viola?

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  • Top: hand-carved solid spruce

  • Back, neck, and sides: hand-carved solid maple

  • Pegs: darkened ebony

  • Fingerboard: African hardwood

  • Chinrest: teka style walnut

  • Finish: high gloss, mocha chestnut varnish

  • Solid composite tailpiece

  • Black plastic fine adjusters

  • Bow: wood bow with ebony frog and natural hair

  • Case: Lightweight case with shoulder strap, dual bow clips, storage compartment


Available in the full 13, 14, 15, 16 inch size

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