ORION OVL60 Student Violin Outfit

​​The ORION student violin OVL60 is the entry level violin at an affordable price to allow everyone to begin their violin learning journey on a quality instrument. The OVL60 is also ORION's first instrument and has undergone years of adjustments and refinement to finally arrive at the great value violin it is today.  

Upgraded strings

a fresh set of quality strings make a world of difference to the tone, which is why our violins are fitted with the Pirastro Piranito strings*.

Carved and fitted bridge

a bridge is responsible for transmitting the vibration of the strings to the body of the violin. Each bridge must have the right thickness, angle, height and curvature.

Precision soundpost set-up

not only does the soundpost provide structural support, it also allows vibration to be passed between the top and back plates. 

Adjusted nut height & curvature
Hand-carved pegs

shaped to fit each individual violin for ease of tuning and to prevent pegs slipping

to make playing comfortable with a lower action, especially in the higher registers


Our instruments are looked after by a lifetime of free unlimited servicing to maintain the quality of the instruments.

The OVL60 violin is although the entry level instrument in the series, this model comes with the same luthier setup as our advanced violins.​ Each OVL60 is individually assembled, set up, and inspected by our experienced luthiers before the instrument is in your hands.


ORION's professional String Instrument Setup includes:



shaping and fitting pegs

shaping the fingerboard and nut to professional curvature

fitting and adjusting the soundpost

carving and fitting the bridge to the instrument

upgrading strings to quality steel strings 

tailpiece adjustment

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  • Stradivari body design

  • Top and back: carved solid tonewoods

  • Fingerboard: blackened hardwood

  • Pegs: hardwood

  • Strings: Pirastro Piranito 

  • Partial purfling

  • Hard composite tailpiece with fine adjusters

  • Bow: Hardwood bow with ebony frog

  • Case: Polyfoam lightweight case


Available in the full 4/4 size, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/16. 

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Upgrade and upsize and receive up to 50% trade-in credit.